NOKIA REPAIR Services Professional & Safe

Nokia repairer has reliably performed to a great level, in repairing the damaged Mobiles. We are able to offer the maximum level of service and quality to our customers. We will continuously try to offer the top standard of service assisting to continue the quality damaged Nokia brand Products or gadgets

The UPS Courier Service is perfect and Safe solution

GET A CHANCE TO WIN A DISCOUNT OR A NOKIA LUMIA 1020 WHEN YOU BOOK YOUR ORDER. We give you a walk in service in and around Manchester, or a UPS Courier Pick up and Delivery service for bookings outside of Manchester, UK. Offer is for all cities in UK.

Walk-In Repairs

We often welcome walk-in customers to get their mobile repair. We are simply available in Manchester, UK. Our support is free & anywere in UK – You can find out our address here on the website to get our location

Save Your Time

You can save your precious time by making a call, nothing simple and quick than that. We often welcome direct caller so that we can know the issue of your faulty gadget and guide you with the process usefully

Buy, Sell, Trade

You can count on Nokia repairer to Buy, Sell, Trade Your Mobile or gadgets.We will repair and return your gadgets or mobiles negligible time, less hassle and low cost. You can reach us at 0161 789 33 55

Corporate Repairs

Our Nokia Repair experts carry out tremendously high success rate at repairing your Mobile phone or gadgets. We take care and assist any issue associated with your mobile or any Nokia gadgets

Customer Testimonials

quote_leftSplendid service. I accidentally dropped my nokia lumia 1020 screen was smashed, camera is not worked, it was completely wrecked. These guys are amazing! Brought my Mobile to these guys repaired, good as new and return it with less Hassell, low cost and minimal time.quote_right

Katie Cardiff

quote_leftI took my damaged screen nokia lumia 920. Superb service and i am very pleased with the mobile was completely fixed and smashed screen was repaired. Good experience and innovative service. Recommended and would use again if needed.quote_right

Edward Windsor

Why Choose Us

Nokia Repairer has a long standing and particular reputation as one of the leading Phone Repair centres with experience in serving both public and organization. Our Nokia repair service is safe and 100% guaranteed to repair your faulty mobile phone gadgets. We can take you step-by-step through things backing-up your data like and updating your software

  • Skilled and Expert Team
  • Low Cost
  • Minimal Time
  • Less Hassel
  • Convenience
  • All sorts of Mobiles
  • Whole cities of UK
  • Our turnaround time for Repairing is QUICK

What We Repair

Our network of Nokia Repair Service can provide extreme care and answers to your questions and we are constantly there to assist you. We are able to fix or repair all sorts of nokia mobiles and models. We are competent to carry out a widespread range of Nokia Phone Repairs such as liquid damage/water damage, charging ports, cracked screen, replacement LCD, etc.

What Type of nokia mobiles we repair?

Some of the most popular nokia mobiles we can repair:

Nokia Lumia 1020
Nokia Lumia 925
Nokia Lumia 920
Nokia Lumia 520
Nokia Asha 501.
Nokia Lumia 928
Nokia Asha 300
Nokia X7-00
Nokia X3-02
Nokia X2-01
Nokia X1-01
Nokia N8-00
Nokia E7-00
Nokia E6-00
Nokia C6-01
Nokia C6-00
Nokia C5-05
Nokia C5-03
Nokia C5-00
Nokia C3-01
Nokia C3-00
Nokia C2-06
Nokia C2-02

Our Services

The world’s popular manufacturer of handsets needs a lot of repairs doing on its phones, fortunately for us because we love to repair them! Nokia Repairer is an accredited repair centre for Nokia phone repair and we have repaired just about everything that can get broken on a Nokia over the years. Rest certain that we know what we’re doing. From the typical Nokia handsets right up to the newest Lumia models, Nokia Repairer can repair cracked Nokia screens and a whole host of other display issues on Nokia device. We only use Grade A parts to guarantee you phone is back to finest condition with Grade A consistent equipment. To add additional reassurance we offer a 90 days guarantee on repairs made by Nokia Repairer.


Ours is the widespread phone repair in Manchester UK. We are offering an amazing, enthusiastic, and Low-Cost Repair service throughout Manchester, UK. We cover all areas of UK. It is mostly considered finest to be a walk-in customer if you are in Manchester, UK.

But somehow we would manage if you are outside Manchester, UK we will reach you regarding your specified issue. Book an appointment if you are fascinated instead of waiting up for service whatever may be your gadget, Electronic issue you can reach us. You can just give us a call or Request a call back. Once we get to know you and your issue we will arrange device pick up from your home. It might take just some amount of time for us to reach you and pick your device; once we receive it we repair and send it back delivering it to your home making is as convenient and functional as possible.


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